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Switch to Cross-platform Mobile Development

Cross Platform Mobile App Development

Set yourselves free from platform dependencies. Go mobile using cross-platform mobile development. If budget and time constraint are restricting you to a single platform, Hybrid App Development is an ultimate solution. Powered by HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, the cross-platform application offers a rich user experience as we add a native look and feel to them.

A talented and experienced tea of cross-platform mobile development awaits you at Sphinx Solution. Our team is well acquainted in delivering efficient cross-platform mobile apps by merging the web and native technologies. Our strategic hybrid app development approach enables enterprises to go mobile in quickly and economically. Come, experience the magic how we use a single codebase for implementing an app on the different web and mobile platforms.

Three Advantages of Cross-platform Mobile Development

Why Cross Platform Mobile Development

Native apps are developed to take full advantage of the device capabilities and are specifically developed for a single platform. Web apps are different from mobile apps; you can call them mobile optimized websites.

Hybrid Application Development, on the other hand, is a mix of both native and web technologies, leveraging benefits of both to the users.

Tools for the hybrid app can modify pre-packaged HTML pages, based on the device platform user interface can be changed accordingly and allow both offline and online usage.

Hybrid mobile apps when using certain web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript can be deployed on multiple platforms. It saves the overhead time and cost used to prepare softwares for each platform.

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  • Decreased Cost and Increased development speed
  • Information rendering applications
  • Applications with offline availability
  • Single code for different platforms
  • Extended reach of application
  • UI Rich Applications
  • Low Maintenance Costs

Frameworks We Excel


Ionic is a framework that uses HTML5 for hybrid app development. When it comes to addressing the feel, look and interactive aspect of an app, Ionic remains unchallenged. It has gained a huge popularity amongst developers due to the ease it provides to develop engaging UI. Additionally being an open source platform it allows access to codes of diverse mobile optimized components of HTML, CSS and JS. Sphinx is backed by a team of experienced developers with proven expertise in cross-platform mobile development using the ionic framework.

Facebook React

A JavaScript library for building user interfaces”, Facebook react is a platform where developers can spend more time concentrating on products and less on fighting with the framework. It is painless to create amazing UI with Facebook React and the declarative views enable predictive codes that are easy to debug. Our team of Facebook React developers is not just good with the framework, but also with JSX, JSX in the XML Like syntax extension of ECMA Script so the React Native UI components become an absolute breeze.


PhoneGap is an open source cross-platform mobile development framework that has made the app development process considerably easy. By combining the best of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript technologies, Adobe has come up with an excellent framework to develop awesome apps using existing web development skills. At Sphinx, we have experienced and dedicated hybrid application developers empowering businesses to get their hands on fully featured cross-platform apps in lesser time and within specified budget.

Our Methodology

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